Core Kata Challenge 2021

The goal of the Core Kata Challenge is to complete 300 of each of the core kata of Shotokan Karate.  Training for begins by attempting to complete this goal during the first quarter of the year. We have included the Three Beginning Kata to give White Belts and up a chance to participate.

There are different levels to achieve:

  • 100 of each kata
  • 500 total kata
  • 1000 total kata
  • 2100 total kata 
  • 3000 total kata – Complete 300 each of the kata!!
The original idea came from Sensei Dwight Holley who is always encouraging students to improve their skill.  Accomplishing this task is a fine achievement and a great way to start the year!   It’s not so bad if you break it up and keep a steady pace.  To complete the seven Core Kata requires only 23 kata per day.  To complete all 3000 requires only 33 or so per day.  See. That’s not too bad!! 🙂
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