What is Self-Defense?

What is Self-Defense: the defense of one’s person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime. Self-Defense is a topic that should be covered in every MMA, Krav Maga, Jujitsu or Martial Arts class. It isn’t because most places focus on sport, “fighting” or looking like …

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Why do women have to be right?

Why do women have to be right? It’s a matter of life or death. End of blog. That would be too simple. I have had a thought for some time that was shared with the Dojo. When discussed, there is the approving look which indicates my thought could be correct. Many suggest our behavior, thinking …

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What do we miss when we are tired?

What do we miss when we are tired? Ahhh yes. Watching a student struggle, this thought came to me. He struggles not necessarily because the techniques performed were hard. More so because he was tired from working … a lot. Credit to him for showing up and putting himself through the struggle. However, many subtle …

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Three Ingredients

The number 3 is very significant and satisfying for human beings. “The power of 3,” “3rd time’s the charm,” 3 divisions of time: past, present and future. Along these lines I present to you my personal view of the three ingredients that make up the delicious dish that is Karate: Art. Physical conditioning. Self-defense. It …

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Striking with the hand is Not Natural

When watching young children at play you can see traces of our primitive selves. Before we “un-learn” all our ancestral instincts growing up in modern society we can observe many movements that complement our design. When children play or “fight” the natural instinct is to grab, wrestle and roll around. Children do not know, naturally, …

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Kicking Medications Karate

Kicking Medications: Karate Helped

For the last 7 years my son has been on a long list of medications for ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, DMDD (Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder) and Autism.  For anyone that has had to deal with these issues it can be devastating. I’m not going to tell you karate was a fix-all solution, but I am going to tell you that his conditions are manageable without medication. 

Karate as a hobby? Why Not.

The thought of Karate as a hobby came to me as I was sweeping the Dojo floor. As I played with the thought, I realized how true it is to call it a hobby, for most, and how such a thought could offend the more serious practitioners out there. But, it shouldn’t. With all of …

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