Martial Arts for Adults

Kentuckiana Shotokan’s primary curriculum is based on the traditional Japanese Martial Art of Shotokan Karate. This is one of the four major systems of karate practiced throughout the world. It will not be the only system we practice, as we believe in having as many “options” available as is needed to achieve sufficient self defense.
You will not start off fighting or learn so called fighting techniques right away. It is our opinion everyone can already fight. Everyone has some level at which they will fight back (use self defense) if pushed far enough.  Survival is a BIG part of human nature.  We will help you become more efficient, using natural body mechanics to improve your odds of successfully surviving an encounter.

Gichin Funakoshi is considered to be the “father” of modern Karate and the founder of Shotokan Karate.  One, of many,  of his principles we take to heart is that of:

There is no first attack

This is a trade mark of those who practice Karate – Do.  We do not train  students to be bullies or pure fighting machines.  We are not barbaric.  We believe we should have the confidence, peace of mind and skill set to stand our ground.  

Gichin Funakoshi Founder of Shotokan Karate
“You must clear your mind of everything. What you need will then fill the void.”

This is not a quick fix class. What you learn will require your time and patience to develop. Self-defense, weight loss, and conditioning all require discipline, time and consistent effort.  Self-defense classes are only introductions to Martial Arts. If you don’t practice the “moves” you were taught, they will not work. The different Martial Arts “styles” were developed from self-defense “techniques” of the various families or villages. Every culture since the beginning of mankind has had a system or style of techniques used to protect themselves.

By practicing Martial Arts you “create” a time to look at yourself. Since Martial Arts are about perfecting (the stance, the block, the strike, the movement, the kata, the breathe, Etc.), you must look at yourself to correct any mistakes. This carries over into the rest of your Life, because you learn to look at what mistakes you have made or are making now and seek to correct them. This is what makes a true Martial Artist.

Our primary goal is to help you become a better person:  more calm, relaxed and disciplined.  To help you achieve your goals in life.  A major secondary goal is to survive an encounter using effective self-defense techniques developed for automatic response when needed.

Expect These Results and More from Karate-Do Training

Classes are offered 5 days per week!

Choose Your Plan

To better retain the information presented, one should attend at least two classes per week.

We provide several cost options to work with your budget. There are no contracts.  Ever.

Trials are available to experience the training with no obligations to join.

Additional group/family members receive 50% off !!

Weekly Iaido

$ 50
Per Month
  • The Art of Drawing the Sword
  • Saturdays

Essentials Tier

$ 77
Per Month
  • Up to Two Classes per Week
  • Discounts for Seminars

Premium Tier

$ 97
Per Month
  • Up to Three Classes each week
  • Saturdays Included
  • Discounts for Seminars
  • Weapons Training Included
  • Monthly One on One Session
  • Competitor Training Covered

Unlimited Tier

$ 127
Per Month
  • Unlimited Classes each week
  • Saturdays Included
  • Discounts for Seminars
  • Weapons Training Included
  • Weekly Scheduled One on One Sessions
  • Competitor Training Covered
  • No Belt Test Fees
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