Iaido at KSKD
What is Iaido? (Pronounced “ee-ii-doh”) Simply stated, Iaido is the art of sword drawing.

The instructor Iaido and Jujutsu Instructor: Sensei Matthew Hawthorne

The sword is one of the most recognized weapons of Japanese Martial Arts and is said to represent the Samurai Spirit.

This class focuses on the style known as Yamaguchi-ha Toyama-ryu Battojutsu. You will learn the proper ways to hold the sword, the proper stances (kamae) for use with the sword, sword basics (kihon), and a variety of sword kata.

The majority of the class focuses on foundational kihon and the 18 kata of this style, contained within 2 sets – Kiso no iai, the first set of 8 kata, and Oku no iai, the second set of 10 kata. Additionally, some paired work (kumitachi) and some cutting (tameshigiri) are also practiced.

Certain equipment is required to be purchased as students will eventually need and want to have their own iai obi (sword belt), bokken with saya (wooden sword with sheath), and eventually an iai-to (dull practice metal sword, usually aluminum or stainless steel). Some equipment is available for those who want to give it a try first.

Wearing of a hakama (traditional pleated trousers) is not required but is encouraged. Equipment can be purchased through the Dojo, or advice can be given if you want to find one yourself.

Use of an iai-to or shinken (live blade) requires prior instructor approval.

All students must have permission to join this class as we must be careful with whom this information is shared.

The practice of Iaido is meant to encourage and develop a state of calm and focus. There is a large body of philosophy behind the practice of the sword, and students are encouraged to read and ask questions on that topic. These are discussed during different practice sessions.
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