Our Programs

We are fortunate to offer a wide variety of disciplines: from karate to jujutsu to weapons training.  Each teacher has many years of experience with the chief instructor having over 50 years experience by himself.  


We practice the Traditional Japanese Martial Art of Shotokan Karate-Do. 

You WILL learn to defend yourself. You must first learn what you can do and then how to do it. “There is no magic”. One must be patient.


Is your kid a victim of Bullying? Is your kid the Bully? Issues with Focus or Discipline? We can help! Our programs instill a sense of Confidence, Respect, Honor, Humility and Discipline needed to develop responsible members of society.


Pronounced “ee-ii-doh”. This is the Way of drawing the sword. We practice the Yamaguchi-Ha Toyama Ryu iaido system with emphasis on pursing technical excellence in a meditative manner. Remaining calm is important when practicing with the sword.


This class is for those 16 years and older. We practice the Traditional Japanese style called Hontai Yoshin Ryu which is designed for self-defense, not sport.

Here is where a list of the frequently asked questions answered.  If you didn’t find what you are looking for, reach out to us through our Contact Section at the bottom of each page. Of course, give us a call anytime.

Using Zoom and other platforms, we have been able to reach those who are shut in or traveling. If you are uncomfortable joining us in person, join us online!

From the thoughts of Sensei Almonte Covington and guest contributors.  Helpful information, suggestions and guide to just being.

Keep up-to-date with KSKD’s activities.  This page will give you a quick look into upcoming events.

Class Schedule

For Daytime classes, please contact Sensei Almonte before attending as a new member. (502) 977 – KICK (5425)

We are Blessed to have two Dojo floors which allows us to run separate Adult and Kid Classes at the same time.  This also allows us to separate the various skill levels and conduct semi-private Introductory Classes.

Choose Your Plan

To better retain the information presented, one should attend at least two classes per week.

We provide several cost options to work with your budget. There are no contracts.  Ever.

Trials are available to experience the training with no obligations to join.

Additional group/family members receive 50% off !!

Basic Tier

$ 50
Per Month
  • One Class per Week

Essentials Tier

$ 77
Per Month
  • Two Classes per Week
  • Discounts for Seminars

Premium Tier

$ 97
Per Month
  • Unlimited Classes each week
  • Discounts for Seminars
  • Weapons Training
  • Scheduled One on One Sessions
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